Toddler gets away from mom & starts hurtling towards traffic. Then one thing suddenly jumps out

"The cars kept driving and Jon just kept running toward them."
January 30, 2018 9:52 am Last Updated: February 3, 2018 10:14 am

Toddlers explore, and if you turn your head for a split second, they are on the move. It’s what they do.

One young mother from New York City knows all about what toddlers can get up to.

This mom, with her 14-month-old son in tow, decided one day that Central Park was too boring for her perfect, “sunny and warm” day, she told Good News Network. She decided to take her son Jon ‘s stroller, fill it with diapers, wipes, and juice, and head to the open area near the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

When she arrived, she saw that others had the same idea as she did. The grassy hill, the one leading down 85th Street, was filled with picnickers and their dogs, but the two found a place to sit—where they could watch all the cars, as well as all the people, coming and going.

But in a split second, everything changed.

“I’ll never know exactly what happened.”

(Public Domain Pictures)

In the blink of an eye second, the mother turned around and saw her little one was charging down the hill.

“Did I look away for a moment after I unbuckled his seat belt. Did Jon see something that attracted him?”

As he kept running, Jon gained momentum and began to go faster down the hill. It was clear that he wasn’t able to stop himself. Not only was his mother trying to catch him, but strangers around her were chasing after the running baby too!

At the bottom of the hill, cars were whizzing by in both directions. If Jon didn’t stop, he would dive straight into traffic.

“The cars kept driving and Jon just kept running toward them.”

Then, out of nowhere, a miracle happened.

(Wikimedia Commons)

It turned out, it wasn’t just other people who were running after Jon.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, came a huge golden retriever running past me. He ran ahead of Jon and planted himself directly in front of Jon.”

The dog was the one who stopped the running baby from running into the street! Jon crashed into the dog, fell and started crying—but miraculously, he was safe.

“Jon cried, I cried, and the dog who had just saved his life stood quietly by. People surrounded us and cheered.”

The mother told the dog’s owner that her dog saved her son from running into the street.

The owner just responded, “Kane is a good boy.” But Kane was more than a good dog. He did more than just obey his owner, he saved a baby’s life!

“He is a hero,” the mother told them, as Jon cried even harder.

Most people do not think of New York City as a place full of welcoming people, the mother said. “But when the need arises, New Yorkers always come through.” She is thankful for the people who tried to help her catch Jon, referring to that day as “the Miracle on 85th Street.”