Man having a hard time getting a job, but the ridiculous video he creates—it becomes another story

January 26, 2018 10:00 am Last Updated: January 29, 2018 4:56 pm

Getting a job in today’s market can be tough, with competitors all fighting over so few open positions, and the application process becoming a long and arduous road. It’s pretty easy to get disheartened through the constant rejections or lack of responses, a struggle Scott Overend from Dublin knows all too well.

Overend wanted to work in marketing and advertisement, but throughout his applications process nothing seemed to be clicking. Growing stressed and worried with each passing unemployed day, he was unsure what he was going to do.

Overend needed to come up with a way to stand out from the pack.

(Scott Overend/Youtube Screenshot)

Overend was a very creative individual and decided that if he wanted to get himself a job, he was going to have to do something that would really make potential employers sit up and pay attention. Spending days and night’s pondering just how he was going to do this, finally he came up with the idea that would amaze the internet.

Overend’s plan began with him accumulating as much money possible for his idea, and so he “sold his car,” according to the Mirror.  He used the money to pay for a camera crew and an other film related equipment.

Overend was going to film something brilliant.

(Scott Overend/Youtube Screenshot)

Setting aside a time to film the project, which he would be producing, directing, and starring in, Overend was confident in his plan. He even managed to find actors to film with.

It wasn’t long before the project was filmed and edited, and has since been uploaded it to Youtube.

“Direction. I had none,” Overend dramatically explains in the video. “But what if I created my own ad campaign to prove myself to the best marketing companies?”

Overend used the video to try and prove himself to potential employers.

(Scott Overend/Youtube Screenshot)

With epic lighting and soundtrack, the rest of the video provides comical and thrilling reasons about why employers should hire him. Framed as his own ad campaign, Overend really tries to showcase his affable personality in it, even at one point using a mace as a pointer during the video.

Other notable points in the video include Overend “auditioning” people to play himself for the video, settling on a shirtless, incredibly muscular man.

“If I created a genuine advertising campaign to find a copywriting position, it would closely resemble the campaign on the website in almost every way,” Overend went on to say.

The video was ridiculous and hilarious so of course it ended up going viral.

(Scott Overend/Youtube Screenshot)

Overend’s video ended up amassing over 300,000 views on Youtube so far. With it only recently being uploaded, updates regarding whether or not it did help him find a job remains to be seen. However in the meantime his creativity and wit had many people laughing and applauding his efforts.

Watch Overend’s full video below.