Mom gives son ‘impossible’ task when he asks to adopt puppy. Days later, they’re signing papers

“I asked my mom how many retweets it would take to convince her. I suggested 10,000—thinking that’s a lot and she will agree. She then replies, 'one million.'"
July 7, 2018 10:37 am Last Updated: July 7, 2018 10:37 am

When pigs fly; when hell freezes over; don’t hold your breathe. Each one of these idioms has a similar meaning: it’s not going to happen.

And when one son asked his mother for a new rescue dog, she was thinking exactly that. But to push the point home, she didn’t just say no—instead, she decided to give him an impossible task to put the matter to bed, once in for all.

Of course, the only only thing she didn’t count on was that this adorable puppy was about to make the impossible, possible. 

When Ryan Sesselman saw a German shepherd puppy at an adoption event, there was an instant connection.

(Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0)

On June 9, 19-year-old New York resident Ryan Sesselman was at a local adoption event at a PetSmart when he saw a fluffy, little puppy that caught his eye. He instantly felt a connection and wanted to adopt it.

There was only one problem: Ryan was not old enough. He needed to be 21 in order to fill out the adoption papers.

He needed help, but there was very little chance that his family would go along with it; they already had two dogs, and his mother was absolutely against getting another. 

But that didn’t stop him from trying.

“I really fell in love with this dog as soon as I saw her,” Ryan told the Press Association. “I said, ‘You know what? I am going to go for it.’”

His mother didn’t just say no, she would only agree if he won an “impossible” wager.

In spite of the improbability that his mother would agree, he tried to convince her to help him adopt the adorable little dog.

She reacted as you might expect.

“NOOOOOOOO,” she wrote back to him in a text message.

But Ryan was not about to take “no” for an answer. Instead, he tried to convince his mother through a wager.

“I asked my mom how many retweets it would take to convince her,” Ryan told the Dodo. “I suggested 10,000—thinking that’s a lot and she will agree,” Ryan said. “She then replies, ‘one million.'”

The quest for the puppy was on.

Ryan was not a celebrity, just a normal young man with only 222 followers on Twitter—that left him somewhat shy of his 1 million retweet target.

Undaunted, though, he posted the wager, his mother’s reaction, and photos of the dog to his Twitter feed in the vain hope that a miracle would happen.

I was expecting a couple of thousand because I have seen so many of these on Twitter,” Ryan told the Press Association.

After he woke up the next day, he checked his retweet count—his tweet had been retweeted 222 times. It was somewhat faster than he imagined, but still not that surprising given his expectations.

The internet was about to give him the shock of his life.

What happened after that, though, left him truly shocked.

“I woke up the next day and it had 149,000 retweets, which I couldn’t believe,” Ryan told the Dodo. “In four days I got 1 million retweets, making it the 10th most-retweeted tweet of all time.”

Incredibly, the internet rallied behind Ryan’s quest to rescue this delightful, little dog. And when he showed his mom the amount of retweets, she was just as stunned as he was.

“She never thought it would happen,” Ryan said.

The flaw in her plan was that people really love puppies.

With social media firmly behind Ryan, she had no choice but to acquiesce. Together, they went to the shelter, intent on adopting the little dog.

“The second she saw her, she fell in love,” Ryan said. “We filled out the adoption forms and everything that was needed to bring her home with us that day.”

And to remember the campaign that won her, Ryan decided to take a cue from social media when deciding on a name.

“We picked the name Milli because of the fact that one million retweets got me her,” Ryan told the Press Association. “I saw some suggestions in the comments and saw Milli and thought it was perfect.”

It a happy ending, but the experience also imparted an inspiring message, too.

All told it was a happy ending for everyone. Ryan got his puppy, his family got another member, and Milli got a loving home.

But that wasn’t all. 

Ryan’s determination, positivity, as well as the support from people all over country left him with an inspiring message, too. 

“Anything is possible, honestly,” Ryan told the Dodo. “It’s truly incredible how well this turned out. Milli is the cutest little puppy and makes us all so happy.”

Top image credit: Flickr/Kinjeng Submiter/CC BY 2.0